Do vericose veins hurt?

Answer On One Hand: Usually, NoAccording to Discovery Health, varicose veins (also called "spider veins") typically do not cause a person any pain. Usually, the most serious symptom caused by varicose vei... Read More »

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Are vericose or spider veins painful?

On One Hand: Pain Can Be RealDiscomfort is not always associated with varicose veins---but when it is, it can be painful. Aching can be a symptom of bothersome varicose veins, as can swelling. "Swe... Read More »

Can vericose veins keep me from holding my legs up during sex?

Absolutely. Varicose veins are blood vessels that have weakened and distended. Holding them up could cause them to rupture and lead to serious blood loss. It's also a mood killer when that happens.

Has anyone ever had pain in their legs around the knees and ankles and all of a sudden vericose veins appear almost overnight in early pregnancy?

Answer I am pregnant as well and found this information online, hope it helps! I would ask your doctor about it just to be safe though.Many women first develop varicose veins or find that they get... Read More »

Weird red spots on feet looks as if veins exploded, doesnt hurt but feet hurt after short standing periods?

You probably should see a podiatrist and find out what's going on with your feet. You may be developing varicose veins in your feet (which can be genetic) or it could be something else. If it's v... Read More »