Do venus fly traps go through photosynthesis?

Answer As plants, venus flytraps produce food by using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to synthesize sugar through a process called photosynthesis. These plants supplement the poor nutrients in the soi... Read More »

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Venus fly traps?

They produce seeds and offsets which can be removed and planted separately... I know its a strange or exotic plant but dont waste your time growing one... They live less than a year inside a tereri... Read More »

Can Venus fly traps eat raw meat?

On One Hand: Raw Meat Will Kill Venus Fly TrapsAccording to the New York Botanical Garden, Venus fly traps should not be fed pieces of raw meat, since this can kill the plant. In addition, avoid fe... Read More »

How do Venus Fly Traps reproduce?

The Venus Fly Trap is a fascinating plant. It is carnivorous, relying on insects for nourishment. A light touch over its eyelash-like hairs causes the petals to gently and firmly close. Despite its... Read More »

Habitat of Venus Fly Traps?

The Venus flytrap is a perennial plant that belongs to the Dionaea muscipula genus. These plants capture insects by folding their leaves over the prey and require little soil nutrition. The Venus... Read More »