Do veg*ns as a general trend suffer from orthorexia nervosa?

Answer Some definitely do. If one feels passionately enough about something, it's easy for some personality types (obsessional, self-controlling) to go overboard and lose all balance. And more often you... Read More »

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Has anyone here ever suffered from Anorexia Nervosa?

When you suffer from high blood pressure should you refrain from drinking beer?

Alcohol contibutes to high blood pressure.Take it from a person that was on daily meds for 5 yrs and now off of them at 45 yrs old.....quite alcohol consumption

Does anybody suffer from excess acid coming up from the stomach,sleeping at night,yesi need the remedy pls?

Yup I get it loads, I find Remagels the best, but pretty much any calcium carboante tablets do the job.

Do Men Suffer From PMS?

Yes, men suffer horribly from PMS, if they are married.Good luck, I know my husband has the patience of Job during my happy time. =] Oh and if you think periods are bad wait until your wife hits ... Read More »