Do veg*ns as a general trend suffer from orthorexia nervosa?

Answer Some definitely do. If one feels passionately enough about something, it's easy for some personality types (obsessional, self-controlling) to go overboard and lose all balance. And more often you... Read More »

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When a General Contractors General Liability Insurance is up for renewal is there a grace period after the date of experation that the General Contractor is still covered under to decide to renew?

No. If you elect to renew coverage two days after expiration, some companies may agree to make coverage continuous (for licensing/contract requirements) but they will likely require you to sign a N... Read More »

Do I have anorexia nervosa?

You might have a disorder(the name of said disorder I can't remember right now) which makes you want to be like an anorexic, but you are not truly anorexic. Anorexics are terrified of eating food a... Read More »

Has anyone here ever suffered from Anorexia Nervosa?

Can you have anerexia nervosa even if you're not skinny?

Skinny how? The DSM-IV diagnostic criteria has a weight criteria, which is a BMI of 17.5 (underweight).But if someone fits all of the criteria for Anorexia Nervosa except the weight criteria they w... Read More »