Do vegeterians eat fish?

Answer There are some vegaterians that eat no meat including fish, and there are some that eat no meat exept for fish

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Vegeterians, why are you vegeterian?

I love reading other people's stories of how they became vegetarian/vegan :) Heres mine:I initially became vegetarian because I didn't think it was right to kill other animals when you could surviv... Read More »

Why do most vegeterians look ill?

Yeah and why do they all work for peta?Why do all white people talk like hank hill?Why do all black people like chicken?Why do all asian people know kung fu?Why do all mexican people steal stuff?Wh... Read More »

A Question for vegans/vegeterians?

You never actually said where you're from because in London I've never had any problems especially in recent years. You wanted to be a veggie in the early eighties that's when i became a veggie. Ma... Read More »

What do vegeterians eat for xmas dinner?

that is a good question- interesting!!I'm not vegan, but have cooked many vegetarian dishes for thanksgiving. They usually involve some sort of pastry as well as cheese - i.e. Mushroom and Leek Phy... Read More »