Do vegetarians/vegans think it's ok for animals to eat meat?

Answer Christy,I have a degree in archaeology/anthropology, and can say with some certainty that we *did* evolve to eat animal protein, alongside vegetation. Furthermore, we would never have become so int... Read More »

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Is it bad that I have a love for animals, but I eat meat =/?

i totally adore animals and have only been a veggie for a year so far! now thers noway i could eat meat!but youve got to remember that regardless of what you do, animals are always going to be kill... Read More »

Is it possible to love animals, but eat meat?

It is possible, I did it for years, loving animals and campaigning for animal rights while feeling guilty for still eating them. Till I decided not to go on being a hypocrite and turned vegetarian... Read More »

Why is eating meat wrong if animals do it?

Why is being naked wrong if animals do it? Humans are the most intelligent creatures of the lord and the most important. But we need to respect his creatures especially animalsAnd God said, “Beh... Read More »

WHY do meat eaters use God as an excuse to eat animals ?

because they are soooooooooooooo wrong then they need a strong supporter(as god ) to cover up