Do vegetarians use sponges to wash the tofu off their dishes?

Answer tofu sponges, duh!!!!

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What are 3 easy dishes that use tofu?

tofu stirfry, tofu burritos, spaghetti with tofu

What are good sources of protein for vegetarians besides tofu?

Besides tofu... beans, legumes, and nuts are good vegetarian sources of protein.

Is it ok to use body wash to wash dishes?

It's a cleaning agent, without a degreaser. It's ok to use in a pinch once in a while.

Vegetarians. What kind of dishes will you be making for Thanksgiving?

My family makes watergate salad.2 boxes of lime jello (jello brand)1 small can of crushed pineapple1 medium tub of cool wip (Cool wip brand)(can use light)1/4 cup of buttermilkpecans (optional)Heat... Read More »