Do vegetarians ever have sex?

Answer Are vegetarian ppl? If you can answer that, you have a very good answer to your question.Btw, eating and sexual preference have absolutely nothing in common. How do you relate eating meat to an act... Read More »

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VEGANS AND VEGETARIANS, HELP! Have you ever tried any of these products?

I haven't tried any of the Veggie Patch products because they're not vegan (at least the ones I've seen are not). I've tried a few Tofurkey products; their deli slices aren't bad. Their sausages ... Read More »

Do you non-vegetarians ever eat vegetarian meals?

I don't count since I went over to the other side (originally for political reasons) but before I did I would often order meals without meat. In many places (especially those such as Taco Bell) the... Read More »

Do you ever think that vegetarians are against God?

Never heard of vegetarians being against God.Why would they be and why ask such an ignorant question? Why do people ask questions concerning GOD here on yahoo when you can get those questions answ... Read More »

Fellow vegetarians is it ever acceptable to eat meat?

Being vegetarian means you don't eat meat, even if your family is cooking it. A lot of people don't have much money and manage to be vegetarian. Often a vegetarian diet will save money because thin... Read More »