Do vegetables grown in the city absorb pollution and are these vegetables as healthy and safe as those grown in the country?

Answer As you might expect, opinions on this issue differ among experts. Plants definitely do absorb all sorts of chemicals from the air (primarily carbon dioxide!), but the chemistry of the conduction ch... Read More »

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How does the taste of organic vegetables compare to conventionally grown vegetables?

Statistically speaking on a variety of tests the results have always shown that in double blind experiments 71% of organic shoppers preferred the taste of Conventionally grown Tomatoes, 80% guessed... Read More »

Are fruits and vegetables grown in Nicaragua safe for human consumption?

On One Hand: Produce Grown Locally by FarmersNicaraguans eat a very healthy diet, producing a number of dishes that center around local fruits and vegetables. For people in Nicaragua, eating fruits... Read More »

What vegetables are grown in Haiti?

all kinds from celery to tomatos and yes tomatos are vegetabless

What Vegetables Can Be Grown on a Trellis?

Any vining vegetable variety with fruit weighing no more than 3 pounds can be grown on a trellis. Trellising vegetables conserves garden space and allows intercropping with other vegetables, such a... Read More »