Is thimersol in vaccinations linked to autism?

Answer There is a popular theory circulating the internet that thimersol in vaccinations has contributed to the increase in Autism levels in the US. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that there i... Read More »

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Do you have to pay for vaccinations in the UK?

No all health care is paid for by government.Citizens there have National Health. You don't pay for individual services,but indirectly thru taxes,but no is denied necessary care.This as told to me ... Read More »

What are vaccinations?

Vaccinations are methods of introducing antigens into your body to get your body's immune system to react to them by producing antibodies to kill them or inactivate them, which will give you immuni... Read More »

Who gives vaccinations?

Anyone can give their own injections if they know how. If not your vet will have to do it. With the exception of the rabies vaccine. In some states it is illegal for anyone but a vet to administer ... Read More »

When did mmr vaccinations first used?

Depends what country you are refering to. In England I belive it was introduced in 1988. Refer to In USA, it was introduced in 1963. Refer to h... Read More »