Is thimersol in vaccinations linked to autism?

Answer There is a popular theory circulating the internet that thimersol in vaccinations has contributed to the increase in Autism levels in the US. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that there i... Read More »

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Do vaccines cause autism?

No they do not. Autism is not a side effect of MMR vaccine. Information about the Study Showing a Link Between the MMR Vaccine and Autism Andrew Wakefield, the researcher who controlled the well-kn... Read More »

Do immunization shots cause autism?

No they certainly do not. They didn't while they contained mercury, and they still don't cause it without mercury. Many studies confirm these facts. Most importantly, the original paper purporting ... Read More »

Can premature birth cause autism?

I know that even the thought of going through preterm labor is a terrifying one, at 30 weeks of gestation, your baby has very good outcome ratio. The sickest and smallest preemies are born as early... Read More »

What shots cause autism for infants?

No shots cause autism. Vaccinate your infants.