Do urine ketones affect the fetus?

Answer Ketones are able to cross the placenta and may affect the brain of a developing fetus. Keeping blood sugar in control will help prevent the presence of ketones. The danger of urine ketones to the f... Read More »

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Ketones in the urine?

I get ketones in my urine after only 16 hours or so of not eating. I wouldn't worry about it. You don't even need to eat a snack to avoid having it. It won't harm you, assuming you are healthy and... Read More »

Can being around chemicals affect a fetus?

Answer Why eph gestosis is common multiple pregnancy and polyhydramnios Answer As you should know, breathing chemicals while not pregnant is not good. Therefore, it is even worse to expose your unb... Read More »

How do antibiotics affect a fetus?

No it affects the fetus and after the abortion is done there's no lingering effect.

Can the use of steroids during pregnancy affect the fetus?

Answer Im not a professional in anyway, but I have the same concern. My doctor told me that he has had patients that have taken steriods while pregnant, but he would prefer you DONT. He said it i... Read More »