Do under the hood air cleaners cause power loss?

Answer Hot under-hood air is less dense than cool outside air, so it contains less oxygen per cubic foot. If your car originally came with a hood scoop or cold-air induction tube, then installing a standa... Read More »

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What Can Cause the Loss of Power Steering in a Vehicle?

The concept couldn't be simpler, at least as far as mechanical systems go: use one type of kinetic energy to assist in moving a second type via fluid pressure transfer. The idea dates back further ... Read More »

Will a Leaking Head Gasket Cause the Loss of Power?

A typical car engine is comprised of a cylinder head and the engine's main block, which contains the combustion chambers. The engine's head gasket creates a seal between these two main elements. If... Read More »

What would cause a 'roaring' noise under the hood of a Mercury Mystique that sounds like a vacuum cleaner when the weather gets colder?

AnswerThat is what is referred to as mooseing. There is a fix for it.What is the fix?On my car, it was the 'idle air control motor' mounted between the air cleaner and the fuel injection system. Th... Read More »

Do dry steam cleaners cause mold?

Dry steam cleaners do not cause mold, since they do not provide enough moisture for mold and mildew to develop. In fact, steam cleaners can be used to remove mold growth from carpets and upholstery... Read More »