Do ultrasonic humidifiers work?

Answer On One Hand: Nearly SilentUltrasonic humidifiers have several attractive features for consumers. They don't use a fan or boil water so they run in near silence. The lack of boiling water also means... Read More »

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Are ultrasonic humidifiers cleaner?

On One Hand: More SanitaryEvaporative humidifiers use a wicking filter to disperse moisture into the air, whereas ultrasonic humidifiers do not. The wicking filter tends to create areas of stagnant... Read More »

Are ultrasonic humidifiers safe for hamsters?

Ultrasonic humidifiers work by using sound vibrations to create a cool mist from a pool of water. This type of humidifier is safe to use around pets, including hamsters, since there is little or no... Read More »

Does ultrasonic pest control work?

On One Hand: Pests and UltrasoundFor decades, desperate homeowners have invested in electronic devices advertised to repel pests ranging from mosquitoes to rats to deer. Most promise to repel pests... Read More »

How does ultrasonic jewelry cleaner work?

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are machines that clean jewelry by passing ultrasonic waves through water or a cleaning solution in order to clean the jewelry thoroughly. Using this kind of jewelry cle... Read More »