Real riding boots that are vegan?

Answer Boots like that tend to be made from leather, so not vegan at all. Riding boots tend to be stiff and have a simple design and are usually black or dark brown with a 1/2" heel at the most. Riding bo... Read More »

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Does American Eagle use real animal fur?

American Eagle Outfitters does not use real animal fur in its products. The Humane Society of the United States maintains an online database of designers and retailers that refrain from using or se... Read More »

Is sponge bob square pants a real animal?

So dumb so dumb so dumb. and yes he's climbing in yo windows snatching patrick and squidward up!!Is Catdog real too? I think yes because I live in loony land with Ted Bundy. ... Read More »

Can you get iphone photo's developed as real photo's in Boots?

IF you have a computer and have installed itunes on it (no duh you wouldn't have apps with out i tunes:P) all your apps, videos and songs SHOULD be saved on i tunes so just sync the iphone 4 2 itun... Read More »

Why did the army change from black boots to brown boots?

When the ACU uniform replaced the BDU and DCU uniforms, a special emphasis was made on ensuring there was no use of the colour black. The reason for this is that solid black is not found in nature,... Read More »