Do u want to start a diet with me TODAY, we can support eachother!?

Answer the reason most people regain the weight they loose when they diet is because loosing weight is also a life style change...I found that when I told myself that I could never have something again I ... Read More »

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How to Support Someone on the Volumetrics Diet?

Helping someone on the Volumetrics diet can be a delicate process. You want to offer support without being too intrusive. Follow these tips to help someone who is trying the Volumetrics diet.

To support my wife I am thinking about following her diabetic diet with her - Is there any reason not to?

Her diabetic diet is a very health one so by all means do follow it. It would also help if you would take a nice long walk with her each and every day. Getting a few good cookbooks will also help... Read More »

I am looking for some support in the transition from a SAD to a raw vegan diet for my family. Any advice?

Maybe have movie night.There are at least two movies with a focus just on raw foods.Raw For 30 Days: Me there are several o... Read More »

Did i eat to much today Is my diet okay?

Nope! For a 16-year-old girl at 5'4" weighing 137 pounds, you need 1680 calories a day purely for functioning. (This means it doesn't include exercise). Basically, you need to eat at least 1680 cal... Read More »