Do u want to start a diet with me TODAY, we can support eachother!?

Answer the reason most people regain the weight they loose when they diet is because loosing weight is also a life style change...I found that when I told myself that I could never have something again I ... Read More »

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I want start a a raw meat diet.?

Are you serious? That sounds awfully unhealthy.

I want to start the lemon diet to lose some weight?

Just plain and simple lemon and warm water. Lots of places reccomend to drink it first thing in the morning to cleanse you're body. The human body is an amazing machine. If you withold food for a p... Read More »

I want to start the 80 10 10 raw vegan diet for life but im afraid to try it and fail. any tips?

WHy set yourself up with the word failure?There's no rule book. It's not like you kill someone and can't take it back.I eat raw and it's wonderful, but you can eat cooked food on any day if you wan... Read More »

I want to start a gluten free and meatless diet, should I consult a nutritionist?

you probably should since you will be giving up alot of your proteins, carbohydrates, and other essential vitamins that give you energy.