Do u think the Internet will become popular?

Answer You are kidding. Right?

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How to Get Popular on the Internet?

You've been on net for years. Yet, nobody knows you (don't take it 100% directly). You just want to be well known and you want people to talk about you (for example, "Wizard Marie is a popular game... Read More »

Why is Internet Explorer so popular?

Same reason AOL is still in business.A product that is easily accessible and learned by any idiot doesn't have to be great. Do you think that the average computer user has any idea what "standards ... Read More »

What is the most popular site on the internet?

Instead of me giving a personal opinion, let us stick to some facts. Here's a ranking of the most 3 popular sites, in order of their no of hits(1) Yahoo(2) MSN(3) GoogleWikipedia comes at Number 31... Read More »

What makes the internet so popular today?

easiest way to access everything and everyone! it's free and just right in front of you