Do u think myspace is a good thing or a bad thing?

Answer It's all in how you use it.

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Are identification cards a bad thing or a good thing?

On One Hand: Totalitarian RegimesThere are several problems commonly associated with a National ID card. It would require a massive database of all Americans. Databases of this size are hard to adm... Read More »

Is organ donation a good thing or bad thing?

On One Hand: Organ Donation Saves LivesApproximately 100,000 people are awaiting organ donation, but on average only 77 transplants are performed a day. Thousands of individuals die waiting for an ... Read More »

Do you think having an alliance sort of thing with the US is good for Australia?

Being the resident Aussie Yapper with balls enough not to worry about thumbs down and other crap let ME, fellow Aussies be the first one to tell this--AMERICAN, Lombardi to go take a leisurely , f... Read More »

Do guys think that fake boobs are just as good as the real thing?

Well from a womans point of view fake boobs are better. I am going to turn 42 this week. ((UGH)) From my point of view if I had a few grand to spend on them id have some fake ones too!!!OOPS!!, ( H... Read More »