Do u think my friend is lying about her job?

Answer Ask her when she's working. Then go get a ****** taco. They're yummy. If she's there she isn't lying

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Australians, what do you think about these four Police Officers caught lying under oath about the taser death?

The article in the link is badly jumbled. The four policemen who lied under oath did not kill the person they apprehended.The person who was tasered to death was the Brazillian guy - separate stor... Read More »

I think my my dentist is lying about my cavities?

You have the right to request of copy of your xrays and have them sent to another dentist of your choice, but you need to give them time. Remember, you are also free to request a second opinion fro... Read More »

So people think I'm lying about being a virgin because I use jumbo sized tampons ?

Hahahahahahaahahahahaha I love the serious answers! (: Oh Mean Girls... Such a good movie! Good question though

Am worried about my friend - I think hes overdosed?

He is probably dead now, some friend you are.Stupid ****** if hes got his knickers in a twist over some ***** then he deserves to die.