Do u think japanese food is nasty?

Answer **** no! YUMMY

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What food do you think is Nasty?

pears...what's with the sandy texture? nasty. i like em cooked though...just not raw. then they're sandy. nasty.oh, and for what it's worth, i've never liked sweet potatoes, either.

How many people think that chinese food is nasty or disgusting?

you probably have never had "real" Chinese food, the food that is served in most restaurant and food courts of America is a highly westernized versionAuthentic Chinese food is wonderful but I love ... Read More »

Isn't Japanese food FAR BETTER than Chinese food Chinese food is disgusting! What do you think?

I think you should stop posting questions about a Japanese superiority that doesn't exist.

Simple Japanese cooking I'd love to cook Japanese food and their are asian stores/international market around?

Stock soy sauce, sugar, sake and mirin (which is just a sweet sake, so you can substitute sake and sugar) in your shelf all the time because these four ingredients are indispensable for Japanese c... Read More »