Do u think i should start smoking or start taking drugs?

Answer only if you really want to.

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I want to start smoking, gambling and taking drugs but have heard they may be addictive, is this true ?

Yes they are addictive. Even sex and food can be addictive. It's not the things it's the person doing them. Someone with an addictive personallity will more than likely become addicted to one and/o... Read More »

I think might want to start smoking?

Been smoking since i was 15, ill be 25 next month. WORST ******* THING I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!/Its no fun dude or girl.I would love to quit but I have anger issues everytime i try. So i doubt ill be able... Read More »

Should i Start Smoking At The Age Of 12?

Should i start smoking...?

Sorry to say this to you, but this is the stupidest question I've seen ever on Q/A.Of course passive smoking is bad for you but that doesn't mean your already killing yourself, to start a habit tha... Read More »