Do u think i should start smoking or start taking drugs?

Answer only if you really want to.

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I want to start smoking, gambling and taking drugs but have heard they may be addictive, is this true ?

Yes they are addictive. Even sex and food can be addictive. It's not the things it's the person doing them. Someone with an addictive personallity will more than likely become addicted to one and/o... Read More »

You were taking SlimQuick for weightloss but stopped taking them Is it safe to start trying to get pregnant now?

I want to start drugs?

Go to your local Constables Office and ask to speak to someone in the Narcotics Division. I am sure they would love to give you pointers.

How do you start the conversation with your teen about turning down drugs and alcohol?

Well, the first tip (which may be too late for you, but for other readers) is don't start the conversation when they're a teen. This is a conversation that needs to start by third grade. Sadly, k... Read More »