Do u think human beings will have barcode scanners on our skin?

Answer fingerprints are, indeed, the organic analogy to a barcode-but yes, someday, I am afraid we will.

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Are Barcode Scanners limited to size?

Way too small. Try 4X or 8X larger.Look at the UPC code on a typical package sold in stores. THAT is the size you should aim for.

What is the price range for barcode scanners?

As of 2010, barcode scanners can be purchased for as little as $35 or as much as $2,100. The price depends on the size of the scanner, memory, its applications and durability. Many hand-held scanne... Read More »

Does the earth have cancer Are human beings the cancer cells?

An interesting idea. Do you like to read? Read "The Bridge" by John Skipp and Craig Spector. It's one of my favorites and it carries this idea to a frightening conclusion.

How do you as human beings build relationships?

they just take a deep breath and count to ten and if that is not working then squeeze something squashy so that you can take all of your anger out on it.