Do u think I'm crazy for doing this?

Answer I don't think you're crazy. I think you're probably...a -- bored with your previous look.b -- bored with your life in general.c -- looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and be noticed.d -- ... Read More »

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Is this crazy to think about?

It seems like a well thought out fantasy, following the definition of a dictator that they teach in school. You are really too lucid...clear and well have the traits of a despot. I th... Read More »

Neighbours doing building work are driving me crazy!!?

i guess the work has to be done.there is a law against what times they can start to work i think eight oclock is a resonable hour .be lucky they don't start at 6 oclock.

Do You think Im crazy?

I do not think you are sick, or mental, or psyco or anything. I think you just have a great imagination. Who would have ever thought of a bigfoot unless they had an imagination. Who would have ever... Read More »

Would you get a flu shot if you saw this first this is crazy.?

Never, me and my family uses homeopathic medicine. A healthy happy family that's what we are we seldom get sick. Hey check out Soul Doctors and Minx questions and their answers you will find good l... Read More »