Do u tell guys when u are your period?

Answer nope. because i think it grosses some of them out to hear about it lol.the only time i've ever told a guy i was PMSing was actually last month lol....i was being a total b*tch to him and freaking o... Read More »

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How to Survive Your Period when You Live With All Guys?

Most people would probably tell you to "suck it up and tell them, life goes on." but it is hard to tell someone that you need some pads/tampons if you live with only guys. Here are a few tricks.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you start your period late and the bottom of your stomach is still cramping when you stop your period?

Answer YES! I had a friend that was pregnant and didn't know the whole time. HERE'S THE STORY We were watching t.v. and my friend started cramping so she went and took a nap. Two hours later she c... Read More »

Are you pregnant when you have your period march 22 and had safe sex pre-ejaculation on vulva on march 28 and had period on April 28 and you still don't have your period now and its June 3 are you?

Answer maybe but your chances with getting pregnant with precum are so small compared to regular ejaculate, precum doesnt actually contIN SPERM though it can pickit up from the urethra from previo... Read More »

Will you get your first period and find out on your next period when you are 5 or 6 weeks pregnant?

%REPLIES% Answer I'm sorry, this question doesn't make sense to me. You should resubmit it with a little more detail and write it a bit different. It will be easier to answer your question then. ... Read More »