Do u sound wierd while talking when u first get your braces on?

Answer A little bit, yeah.You get a little bit of a lisp.It isn't horrible, but it gets better within time.Just watch out for drooling. Lol.

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Does braces effect your talking and singing?

It has effected my son's speaking voice, but I don't know if it affects everyone the same!

Why do peoples' voices sound different when they're talking on the phone?

One major reason for voices sounding different is that the frequency response of the telephone system is limited. The range of the human ear can extend right up 20kHz or more, especially in young... Read More »

Why do people change the sound of their voice when talking to babies?

having two kids i realized that kids have a sensitivity and likeness to higher pitches and melody sounds...which is why Barney and other toddler and newborn shows really use different sounds and to... Read More »

What is the "amplifier" when talking about a home theatre sound system?

Let's start from the pith of the matter. An amplifier is what powers the speakers. In turn, a receiver is what controls the amplifier and feeds it different sources (i.e. DVD player,AM/FM tuner [... Read More »