Do u own a toothbrush?

Answer i find it much eaisier to use a hair brush

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How do you boil a toothbrush?

If you are trying to clean it the water should be so hot you cant touch it snd hold the tooth brush under for 30 seconds and let it cool for 1 min

Materials in a Toothbrush?

Earlier toothbrushes were made of wood, bamboo or Siberian hog hair. With the use of technology in the mid-19th century, American manufacturers redesigned the toothbrush with materials that made it... Read More »

How to Choose a Toothbrush?

You'll come across toothbrushes with just about every imaginable variation: tapered heads, boxy heads, angled heads, neon handles, handles with bending rubber, handles with your kid's favorite cart... Read More »

How to Use an Electric Toothbrush?

How do you use an electric toothbrush?