Do u like this bathing suit?

Answer i like it, okay heres some more...……… Read More »

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How to Fix a Bathing Suit if the Top Is Too Big?

There is nothing more heartbreaking than buying the swimsuit you love only to try it on at home and find out it's a little too big in the top. But don't ditch the suit yet; try this top-cinching id... Read More »

Where can you buy this bathing suit?

They have this bathing suit at Nordstrom ! They have it in Black , blue , white , and pink. :) Here is the link to the bathing suite. Read More »

How to Choose a Bathing Suit?

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How to Pick a Bathing Suit?

Many women dread summer coming because they feel self-conscious in a bathing suit. If you have had children, you may feel your body is less than attractive because of stretch marks and a sagging tu... Read More »