Do u like pizzas.. thin and crispy or thick and soft?

Answer Oh my gosh... thin crust with loads of sauce and cheese with shrooms please. Im friggin hungry now :)

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What's the difference between soft and crispy noodles?

Obivious soft noodles are soft. Crispy noodles are crispy.

I miss good pizza, does anyone know of pizzas in Houston made with Provel Cheese and ultra thin crust?

The best pizza in southwest Houston, if not the entire city can be found here:Antonio's Flying Pizza & Italian Restaurant 2920 Hillcroft St Houston 77057 713.783.6080 Closed Sundays and Mondays.... Read More »

Do you like thick or thin?

thick. Its more to eat, and you can always thin it down if you like. =) youu?

How to Thin Out a Thick Wig?

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