Do u like indian food?

Answer i am an indian and i like indian food as much as i love my country and i tell u that indian food is such a kind of food u would not find it anywhere in this world and no other kind of food can repl... Read More »

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POLL: Indian Food OR Chinese Food?

I have chinese blood but are you kidding me Indian food is the best in my opinion. Chinese food is usually so oily and have that salty aftertaste and whats up with pork and shrimp as their main ing... Read More »

Is Thai food the same as Indian food?

Despite what being said the difference between thai food and indian food is the spices. Thai spice uses roots of herbs like lemon grass, galangal, tumeric (saffron colored ginger), herbal leaves li... Read More »

Chinese food or indian food?

i like both... umm. how about indo chinese! :)

Is Indian food the best food on earth?