Do u like chicken or turkey better :-)?

Answer chicken

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Is turkey better than chicken ?

Silly subjective question, is red better than blue?. (you can't spell skittles).

Can I make chicken salad with turkey?

Chicken salad made with turkey really isn't chicken salad. It's turkey salad. That said, you can make turkey salad just as you would chicken salad. The two taste very similar to one another and are... Read More »

How to Debone Poultry (Turkey or Chicken)?

Have you wanted to impress guests by serving a de-boned turkey or chicken, but have been mystified by the process or fearful of trying to do it? It's easy! It just takes a little time.

How to Make Barbecue Turkey or Chicken Sandwiches?

Use your favorite barbecue sauce to simmer cooked turkey or chicken for yummy sandwiches.Here's another thrifty way to use up some leftover cooked turkey or chicken. Easy and delicious too! This re... Read More »