Do u know where to buy electronic cigarette in the USA?

Answer Lol at that other guy. Umm some chinese wholesale place did not answer the question. :)Anyway back to the question Do u know where to buy electronic cigarette in the USA?Yeah I can think of a coupl... Read More »

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How safe is the electronic cigarette?

On One Hand: No Toxic ChemicalsElectronic cigarettes only give the user nicotine vapor and do not come with the harmful and often carcinogenic compounds found in a normal cigarette, according to CB... Read More »

Can I recharge my electronic cigarette?

they are all rechargeable, you usually unscrew them (take them apart) and plug them into a usb port in a computer to recharge the battery

Is an electronic cigarette like smoking?

Electronic cigarettes are battery powered gadgets that look like a real cigarette and give the user nicotine, minus the harmful tar and other dangerous chemicals in a normal cigarette. However, lit... Read More »

Best Electronic Cigarette Brand?

If you are in the US you can get Njoy from Target for about $109.99 the 5 pack refills are $24.99. I ordered, but haven't received yet, the Crown7 form for $79.99 the 5 pack refills are... Read More »