Do u know any scholarships that might I could apply for!!!!!!?

Answer The best all-inclusive scholarship Web site is

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What are some college scholarships that I could apply that does not need a transcript?

There's a scholarship essay contest going on at Lafango that you don't have to send in a transcript for: Luck!

Are there any good sites that i could apply for scholarships and actually get them?

If you didn't suck as a student you'd be eligible for plenty of scholarships, but since you don't then you need to get a job.

Name some different utilities that might or might not be covered in a person's rent payment How would you know whether these expenses are paid by the landlord or the tenant?

look at the rental contract or lease papers. the utility responsibilities should be listed there. many times garbage, water and sewer are included in rent. typically utilities such as electricity, ... Read More »

Name some things that are bumpy that a Kindergartner might know.?

Pineapplepine conebuuble wrapspeed bumps on roadsbark on treeslego, duplorocks and stonesThese are just a few ideas of the top of my head.Good luck with your lesson