Do u ignore your partner while you use your pc?

Answer I am while I answer this question. Nice avatar! ;-)

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If you are fifteen years of age and you are female your partner is male and seven years older then you what can happen to your partner even if sex is consensual?

He can go to jail for up to 15 years. The actual penalty varies from state to state.

What to do when your wife leaves withought any warning and takes your son with her you try to ring she ignore the calls send 100 text no reply?

Answer Yes! Every month my breasts hurt very bad from ovulation to my period and this month they didn't hurt at all and I'm 4 weeks 5 days pregnant! They still don't hurt to bad just more achey and... Read More »

Can your lesbian partner adopt your child conceived by a sperm donor?

Answer As long as the state you live in allows gay adoptions, yes. Some states do not allow gay people to adopt children. Some states allow you to adopt, as long as you are not in a relationship at... Read More »

Does your partner and you have to wear protection if is your first time?