Do u have a computer at home?

Answer No. I have 4.

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I have some photos at home that I want to get on my computer but I don't have a

Kinko's, Office Depot, you can even take them to a Kodak Picture center and then scan them to a disk and have the store that owns that Picture center put them to disk, you can also take them to you... Read More »

What percentage of kids 8 to 18 have a computer in their home?

If your child is between the ages of 8 and 18, then he is part of the 86 percent of American youth who has a computer in his home, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation site. The same site poin... Read More »

I have two computer at home. How can I get internet connection for both computers?

You'll need a router. Wireless or not is entirely up to you. Basically, a router takes an internet signal and splits it up between multiple ports. You would first conect your main internet sourc... Read More »

Is 4 gigabytes memory and 2 terabytes of storage a lot for a home computer to have?

Yeah, the average RAM* for a home PC is about 512meg. HDD** average is about 250gig^. I'm going to build a PC with a 500gig HDD and 2gig RAM. 2 Terabytes^^ is a lot of storage, after formatting it ... Read More »