Do u have a LiveMocha account?

Answer Yeah of course you can. My user name is Music-Girl and I'm learning German. My picture is the one with Bill and Tom and it's a combination of both their faces (half and half that are side by side).

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Why don't my editing features work on

It works fine for me, can you explain your problem a little more ? :)Edit : I got my answer back :D change your web browser it might help you.sorry I couldn't help

It says I have to have an iTunes account to use Genious Does it cost to get an account?

You can create an itunes account free without entering your credit card details. follow these steps:

I have accidently overwritten my admin account onto a less accessible account.?

Only from the admin account, and you will need the password, unless there was never an admin password. is it XP? If so, then go into safe mode, and use the admin account from there.

How many yearly transfers can I have from my PayPal account to my checking account?

Once the identity of the user is verified, there are no limits to the number of transfers that can be requested in one year. PayPal has a limit on the amount of money that can be withdrawn in a one... Read More »