Do u guys think that im overweight?

Answer nope, that's considered anorexic.

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Do you think that guys are less likely to marry or introduce to his parents a girl that has a large tattoo?

It's the 21st century. He'll be familiar with the concept of people having tattoos since it's been around since BC and has recently become part of the mainstream. If he hates tattoos, that's fine, ... Read More »

Girls, what do you think of guys that do their eyebrows?

i dont think its gay i think its HOT!idk what it is but i really lik it!!! =]answer…

Do ou guys think that they should lower the driving age to 14?

HELL youngsters cant even spell correctly..and you want to drive..hehe

Please tell me why do you guys think that hip hop is dead or the dirty south killed it?

No, actually a whole bunch of rappers seemingly crawling out of nowhere from the south like Lil Jon help bring Hip-Hop new popularity in the Post 90s after those dumb East vs.West coast stuff