Do u fink usin text speak on ere is gr8............?

Answer It makes me want to find the person and force them to eat a dictionary.....I dont knwo why i find it so annoying but its REALLY grates on my nerves! A misspellling here and there is understandable,... Read More »

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How to Text Speak?

Text speaking can be hard. So here is a good guide to reading texts!

How to Speak and Write in Text?

Ever wanted to speak quickly but effectively? Text language for me and my friends has gone way farther than just LOL and OMG. Learn how to talk to your friends with no one knowing a thing.

How 2 print tis out put in c++ by usin nested loop and for?

I find that this code does not have a fixed algorithem :So we have to code individual Part of this Programe :So i made your programe here:…Ran successfull... Read More »

Wat do u fink?

I THINK you need to learn to type with proper English. You sound like a two year old.