Do u ever wanted to throw your computer out the window?

Answer It may be your fan sometimes if they fail PC over heats and so PC shuts down

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My new computer arrived less than 24 hours ago and I already want to throw it out of the window... HELP!!!?

It may not necessarily be ran perfect when I was beta testing it on my pc, the only drawback is only ONE of my programs was not thats not bad. I would uninstall the game... Read More »

Window defender i have windows vista 64 bit, my window defender is turned off when i wanted to turn it on from?

you must be using another antivirus so that sometime it blocks another program to function...

If I throw my T.V. out the window, will it bounce?

How high is this window? And who are you aiming at? ^‿^

I need help with laptop before i throw it out the window ?

soon as you switch it on press F8 while 1st index is showing. ( boot device shows its blue. use arrows at right hand side to HARD DISC. Enter and press F8 again.. use arrows again . then press Last... Read More »