Do u ever heat ur tortilla chips in the microwave before dippin them in salsa?

Answer Nope... that sounds like it would be good though!I'll have to try it sometime!Thanks for a new cooking idea!^_^-A Beatles Lover

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If you like chips and salsa, what are the best chips and what is the best salsa to go with them?

I like those tortilla chips (actually I think they are doritoes) but they are a lil fills up with the salsa u are using....I like to make my own fresh in the summer with h... Read More »

How long should i leave my homemade tortilla wraps before serving them?

Em I wouldn't wait 4 hours as the fresher they are the nicer they'll be but up to 30 minutes would be fine.

Should I Soak My Wood Chips Before Putting Them Into a Cast Iron Smoker Box?

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Who invented tortilla chips?

Rebecca Webb Carranza is credited as being the inventor of the tortilla chip. In the late 1940s, she made triangular tortillas and fried them for family at a gathering. They loved it, and in 1947 b... Read More »