How are Twinkies cooked?

Answer A popular snack food, the Twinkie has become a staple of American pop culture. The yellow cake's unique spongy consistency has led to many misconceptions, including some doubt as to whether or not ... Read More »

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What size are twinkies?

Twinkies are cream-filled yellow sponge cakes that have been made by the Hostess Company since 1930. Twinkie snack cakes are 4 inches long and 1 1/2 half inches wide. At its highest point, a Twinki... Read More »


someone bought it and they say it's coming soon, I think June

Are twinkies a healthy snack?

Twinkies vs. Funnel cake?

I loooove funnel cake (at least I used to), and don't even care for Twinkies a little bit, so if it's death by sweets, bring on the FC.(But, I would tae a good chocolate chip cookie every time if c... Read More »