Is it really not safe to sleep beside plants or trees because they steal oxygen?

Answer What hogwash..! But I'm obliged to give the complete answer, so here goes. Plants , through respiration, does exhale small amounts of oxygen, but by day this is overshadowed by the concurrent proce... Read More »

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Are turkeys Turkish?

good thought.. brought a smile on my face :)

How to Find Turkeys?

The best strategy when trying to locate wildlife is to find the items essential to their survival. While turkeys can be elusive, like humans, they must have water and food. Find either, and the tur... Read More »

How to Hunt Turkeys?

Although domesticated turkeys do not have a reputation for being very smart, wild turkeys are are tricky game. Their keen senses of hearing and sight make them a challenge to hunt. Whether you're l... Read More »

How do I buy farm turkeys?

Farm Raised TurkeysBuy farm turkeys directly from the farm. Look on the Internet or in your local phone book to find farms in your area. Ask a local feed store if they know of any farms that raise ... Read More »