Different Kinds of Turkeys?

Answer The USDA has several classifications for the types of turkey sold at butcher shops and grocery stores. When purchasing a turkey, it is important to understand the types of turkeys out there and how... Read More »

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Are turkeys Turkish?

good thought.. brought a smile on my face :)

How to Hunt Turkeys?

Although domesticated turkeys do not have a reputation for being very smart, wild turkeys are are tricky game. Their keen senses of hearing and sight make them a challenge to hunt. Whether you're l... Read More »

How to Breed Turkeys?

Turkeys aren't like chickens. They are simply unique birds that can become your best friend, your Thanksgiving Dinner, your business, and many more cases. Whatever the case, this guide will help yo... Read More »

How do I buy farm turkeys?

Farm Raised TurkeysBuy farm turkeys directly from the farm. Look on the Internet or in your local phone book to find farms in your area. Ask a local feed store if they know of any farms that raise ... Read More »