Do tumors hurt when you touch them?

Answer No one here can answer that other than in a general way . . because most cancerous lumps do not hurt, that does not mean that one might not be pressing on a nerve . . and end up hurting. However, a... Read More »

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Leg Tumors in Dogs?

Older large-breed and giant-breed dogs are susceptible to osteosarcoma, or bone cancer, which primarily targets the hind limbs and often requires amputation. Only about 5 percent of all canine canc... Read More »

How much nattokinase is used for tumors?

A person should consume two 36 mg pills of nattokinase per day to help cure tumors. That equates to about 14,400 fibrinolytic units per day. Fibrinolytic units are a determination of how much fibri... Read More »

What are the causes of carcinoid tumors?

Even with today's advanced medical systems and procedures, the exact cause of carcinoid tumors/cancer cannot be pinned down with any meaningful level of certainty. However, studies have revealed so... Read More »

Dog Eyelid Tumors?

Eyelid tumors in dogs often grow from the glands located within the eyelid margin. Most of these tumors are benign. The cause of eyelid tumors is unknown.