Do tumbling composters work in cold climates?

Answer Tumbling composters work even in cold climates. The process of composting generates its own high temperatures, and turning the compost in a tumbler increases the heat in the compost by adding oxyge... Read More »

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How to Care for Pigmy Goats in Cold Climates?

Pygmy goats are robust animals that can withstand hot and cold climates, provided they receive sufficient care. A thick coat of hollow hair keeps the goats warm during the winter months, allowing t... Read More »

Tropical Plants That Survive in Cold Climates?

Just because you live in a cold climate, doesn't put the brakes on growing tropical plants. While tropicals thrive in the heat of summer, there's a selection of plants that can survive cold weather... Read More »

Do solar ovens work in frigid climates?

Turn on a strong flow of COLD water Slowly add the materials to be disposed of Metal, large bones and fibrous materials should be disposed of in the trash After disposing of the materials, leave... Read More »

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You should ease off on the exercise until your cold is gone. But you can knock out that cold pretty quick by eating chewable vitamin C tablets. They taste delicious, and you should be able to get... Read More »