Do tree's or plants ever die from old age I have heard or tree's being hundreds of years old, i just wondered?

Answer Some plants are naturally short lived......we are talking just trees here....let's not get into annual, biennial, perennial differences. After a forest fire Mother Nature repairs the damage with q... Read More »

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What Plants and Trees Grow Near Cypress Trees?

The baldcypress and pondcypress (Taxodium distichum var.) are native to the swamplands of the southern United States. The Monterey cypress, Cupressa macrocarpa, is a native of California but widely... Read More »

Do Rio Red Grapefruit Trees Take Five Years to Bear?

All species of grapefruit, including the Rio Red variety, take three seasons to bear fruit. For the first two seasons, you should remove and fruit buds to encourage the plant to grow and establish ... Read More »

How many years do apple trees live?

An apple tree lives roughly 100 years, depending upon the species of apple tree. Apple trees grow 40 feet tall. Pilgrims imported the apple tree; crabapple trees are the only apple trees native to ... Read More »

Will black walnut trees harm incense cedar trees?

Black walnut trees will not harm incense cedar trees. Varieties of cedar are resistant to juglone, which is a phytotoxin that the black walnut tree emits in its roots, leaves and bark.References:La... Read More »