Do train horns freak you out.?

Answer I try not to let them do it but I just can't help but jump when one goes off.

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I have a set of nathan k3la train horns and i would like to know if i honk back at a train if it is illegal?

Probably not legal in most states. But, it's also up to the individual officer to cite you for it. What is harsh and unreasonable to one may be funny to another. The train crew would probably fi... Read More »

Are train horns illegal?

In a ruling established on June 24, 2005, the Federal Railroad Administration required train horns to be sounded as a warning at public highway-rail crossings. However, communities could enact "whi... Read More »

Are train horns legal?

Train horns are legal under federal law, according to Federal Railroad Administration. Although train horns are usually sounded at crossings to signal that the train is approaching, some communiti... Read More »

What do 2 short train horns repeated many times mean?

Normally when you hear that sort of horn sequence that means there are men and equipment or passing trains. Its a warning signal for pedestrians near the railroad right of way. Those trains opera... Read More »