Do throw&grow food plots work?

Answer On One Hand: Attractive to DeerSerious hunters plant food plots to attract deer and fatten them up. Throw and Grow seed products require little maintenance or care. Scatter them on open ground for ... Read More »

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How do i cultivate food plots?

Prepare a SiteSelect a site for planting food crops where there is ample sunlight, access to water for irrigation and room for plants to grow according to individual seed package instructions. Test... Read More »

Fertilizing Food Plots?

Food plots are small pastures or areas of edible forage grown for the purpose of feeding wildlife during the winter. Food plots need to be fertilized sufficiently to produce robust, nutrient-laden ... Read More »

How to Create Deer Food Plots?

During every visit to the local hunting store, it seems as though the deer food plots seed aisle gets bigger because more seed companies are trying to get you to buy their product by saying that it... Read More »

How late can I plant whitetail food plots?

The latest, and probably best, time to plant whitetail food plots is late summer because it is a period of high stress for the deer. Many of the luscious, more digestible spring plants are no longe... Read More »