Do those websites that say you've won a free gift really send you a gift?

Answer No it's spam

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Can i please get a free itunes gift card code id really appreciate it..?

Why don't you just get the promotional free $5 gift card that iTunes is now offering just to sign up?? It's super easy, if you already have an account just make a new one, I did, and I've gotten 6 ... Read More »

If you do the participated requirements for a free ipod/comp/tv/anything, will you really get the gift?

No. Those are all "spam" emails. They send you those so you will fill out your name and address, etc...That way they can sell the info. to other companies and they can all bug you with rip-offs lik... Read More »

What story is of a boy who make a journey for a gift saying that the journey was part of the gift?

Can you put in a real estate advertisement that you will offer a free gift to a new renter?

The answer is two-fold: 1. If you are a private party (i.e. you are renting out your own house) then yes. 2. If you are a licensed Agent, then this would be determined by your State real estate l... Read More »