Do those printer cartiridge ink refill things work?

Answer Im going to say this and Im sure there will be an uproar and the ink manufacturers will find some way to fix this this. 2 weeks ago my printer was real low on color ink. My husband put Regular fo... Read More »

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Does ink refill work the Canon MX452 Printer?

I wouldn't suggest using refilled cartridges, especially if you don't have that much knowledge refilling the tanks with those refill kits. One main reason is that, if the refilling process wasn't a... Read More »

How can I refill a Lexmark 28 cartridge and let it work with my X2550 printer?

The Lexmark 28, along with the 23, 24, and 29, are causing people who refill cartridges many problems.Those cartridges have two versions, a RP (Return Program), and a Standard version. The Standar... Read More »

Trying to use my printer which hasn't been used for some time, ink cartiridge showing almost full?

Yes, your ink has definitely dried up and new ink cartridges are required.

Do those kits work, where you inject ink into the old printer cartridge?

Yes they do I use them all the time. Believe it or not I found a kit at my local dollar store but I didn't know the brand. But I'm sure any brand is cheaper than buying another cartridge.