Do those kits work, where you inject ink into the old printer cartridge?

Answer Yes they do I use them all the time. Believe it or not I found a kit at my local dollar store but I didn't know the brand. But I'm sure any brand is cheaper than buying another cartridge.

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Are printer cartridge refill kits worth the money and are they easy for the hamfisted to use?

More modern cartridges CANT be refilled by the end user. They are embedding electronic chips on the cartridges that read the ink level, and once it says the cartridge is empty, it wont let you just... Read More »

Where to buy printer cartridge cartridge ?

Can HP psc 1510 printer work with one cartridge?

You need both cartridge in the printer for the black to work exclusively.

Can you use an EXPIRED ink cartridge in your printer Will it work - for how long?

It really depends on a few things:1) Depending on the make & model of printer, some printers will read the expiration date of the cartridge and if it sees it as expired, it will not allow it to wor... Read More »