Do think they should stop all smoking in prison?

Answer Yes. We the taxpayers are not only paying for their incarceration but also for their medical care. Smoking causes many diseases so why not eliminate it in the prisons and it would probably save m... Read More »

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My parents won't stop lecturing me about being vegan!!! They think I'm being too extreme. what should I do?

You need to have a more general discussion about how you all work together to make decisions. And in that process you absolutely respect their opinions and ideas, but there are times when you may n... Read More »

If they found a cure for lung cancer and heart disease, should they allow smoking back in pubs?

First of all, i'd like to say this question is purely opinion.And I say no. Because why would you go and get yourself sick just because you might be able to get better? Why would you want to go to ... Read More »

Should I stop smoking?

This is your body's way of telling you that weed is a toxin, and its trying to get rid of it I would advise not to smoke any more weed ever again as it seems it is causing you nothing but problems.

If smoking is bad for our health, then why don't they just stop making cigarettes?

People who make and sell cigarettes are in it for the money.