Do think im weird i sleep only 4 to 6 houres a night !?

Answer If you can get through the day on that, then I am jealous.

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Why do i get sore calf muscles only at night cant sleep?

You're body isnt very well conditioned thats why.

Why does my jaw and teeth hurt only at night causing me to lose sleep?

Maybe you grind your teeth at night while you sleep??? If thats the prob you can get a mouth gard to prevent them from grinding on each other...If anything you may need to see a Dentist so you wont... Read More »

What do you think about to help you go to sleep at night?

With all this talk of Margaret Thatcher, does anyone else actually only sleep for 4 hours a night?

I used to work on the motor ways 12hr shifts which meant we had to sleep on site in caravans,So yes I know what it's like.As for you,re friends they should know you well enough by now that you are ... Read More »